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easy to look after 

  why implants - are they better than real teeth?
Implants are the only truly long-term solution to tooth loss, they will never require root canal treatment and they will never decay.
  a permanent solution for missing teeth
  just like a real tooth
  supporting the structure and appearance of your face
  now an affordable option
  easy to look after

your permanent solution for missing teeth
A titanium post is placed as a very
strong replacement for your natural tooth root and finished with a perfectly matched crown, providing you with a permanent replacement tooth.

just like a real tooth
Secure and comfortable, implants look, feel and function like real teeth. You don’t remove them at night and you won’t suffer hot and cold sensitivity.

Dental implants can offer a wonderful cosmetic result, in fact, it is often impossible to tell the difference between implants and your natural teeth.

supporting the structure and appearance of your face
Dental implants offer a more versatile & reliable option than dentures, bridges and even root canal therapy.

Tooth loss often causes bone loss and undesirable consequences such as loose dentures, loss of facial profile and lip support. Dental implants replace the tooth root and maintain bone which supports the structure and appearance of your face.

Chewing with missing teeth or bridges increases the load on your remaining teeth. Implants reduce these forces thus protecting existing teeth from additional wear and tear.

now an affordable option
No longer prohibitively expensive, the AIS team are able to offer implants at a realistic, affordable price.

easy to look after
With simple brushing and flossing, implants can last a lifetime..


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“Before and during the treatment I was kept fully informed of all aspects of the procedure and was constantly reassured…The end result has been a perfect set of teeth indistinguishable from natural teeth”
M. McGee


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