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testimonials / D. Newham

First, I want to say a personal thank-you for the treatment I have received over the past months. You made the whole process so easy and stress-free. Meanwhile Iíve added a few thoughts below which may be of help to others.

Anyone considering implants for the first time will have lots of questions, a few real concerns and maybe some understandable fears. There one sure way to deal with all these issues, and that is to put yourself in the hands of someone like Bill Schaeffer. He has years of experience in implants, great technical skill and the added benefit of an earlier career as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in the hospital service. He is a good communicator and takes great care to see that his patients have all the information they need. 

My treatment went absolutely to plan and I felt relaxed and confident throughout. After relying on a partial denture for six months I canít say how pleased I was to consign this to history. The implant solution looks and, more importantly, feels great. 

I wouldnít hesitate to recommend Bill Schaeffer. Fees are competitive and, as I have indicated already, you will receive real value for money. The approach of linking the specialist expertise of someone like Bill to the skills of a good local dentist makes absolute sense and has led to a very satisfactory outcome.

Once again, Bill, thank-you and very best wishes

D. Newham

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