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"My treatment went absolutely to plan and I felt relaxed and confident throughout. After relying on a partial denture for six months I can’t say how pleased I was to consign this to history. The implant solution looks and, more importantly, feels great"
D. Newham
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"First of all I would like to say a “Big Thank You” for the news you gave me on Friday 4th that my implant had taken. It was great to know that I have no longer got to wear the plate which restricted my eating"
M. Brewer
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“Before and during the treatment I was kept fully informed of all aspects of the procedure and was constantly reassured…The end result has been a perfect set of teeth indistinguishable from natural teeth”
M. McGee
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"There is a big difference in your appearance when you have good teeth. It gives you confidence in your social life and your smile tends to be bigger and more genuine. We had a big party recently, I was photographed for the newspaper and I certainly was not worried about the quality of my smile for the camera. The photographer took a lot of photographs of me, was it my smile?"
G. Bode
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I" am most grateful for the wonderful and skilled job you have done, and sincerely the lower denture is now so firmly secured that I am unaware that I have a denture at all. For a chap of my age it is almost a miracle to have such a choice at meal times"
C. J. Letroye
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"At the age of sixty-five, eighteen months ago I had two teeth implanted and in both cases the amount of bone was minimal, hence requiring maximum expertise. The treatment I received was superb, caused no pain only slight discomfort and I am delighted with the result"
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"Not long ago I had lost nearly all my self confidence and my life was suffering in so many ways due to my state of mind. I had a plate, as you know, that was catching all my food and was slipping around in my mouth even popping out on occasion... Now, with the new teeth you have given me I feel twenty years younger and have more confidence than I ever did, and am proud to smile once again"
S. de la Mare
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"I would certainly recommend anybody with a problem tooth to go ahead and have the implants done, there is nothing like a denture to make you feel old, and the implants feel just like proper teeth. I would not hesitate to have it done again if the need arose"
F. Bane 
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"I must say that I was apprehensive about undergoing the implant procedures but all fear proved ill-founded as I experienced no pain and only a little discomfort throughout all stages"
H. Shaw
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"Don’t be rushed and don’t be afraid of the process. It is actually less invasive into your general life and not at all painful especially when compared to many other dental treatments"
V. Berry
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"I required a bone graft to create a strong enough bone structure for the fitment of the implant. While this was initially painful after the anaesthetic wore off it quickly dissipated after a couple of days"
M. Bugler  click here for complete letter
"I just wanted to say thank you for making it so easy for me to have two tooth implants. It was handled with great care and calm efficiency by you and your nurse..."
E. Ellison  click here for complete letter
"I feel confident now, cosmetically and when eating, I do not have to worry anymore about my crown falling out when eating out, on holiday, at work or any other embarrassing times"
D. Borley  click here for complete letter
“My first implant was carried out about 3 years ago, and when I suffered another abscess causing the loss of another tooth, I had no hesitation whatsoever in going back… thank you for my new smile!”
C. Tanner

“… simply the best oral surgeon that I have come across… he explains everything: all the options available to the patient, pros and cons for each option, all the procedures and possible side-effects. You leave the surgery with total confidence and peace of mind.”
Dr D. Bezanov

“Your informative manner has always helped to put me at ease, even when facing the sinus graft. I expected some swelling and discomfort after the grafting but my healing was smooth and completely uneventful… I am delighted with my new teeth.”
A. Jones

“One word comes to mind now that I have had ‘implant placements’ – confidence. All the problems associated with loose or ill fitting dentures have ‘disappeared’.”
Mr SA Gould


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