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testimonials / M. Brewer

First of all I would like to say a “Big Thank You” for the news you gave me on Friday 4th that my implant had taken. It was great to know that I have no longer got to wear the plate which restricted my eating.

I would also like to say that right from the start of my treatment I have nothing but praise for you. The consultation where you explained in great detail what you were going to do made me feel very relaxed and at ease with the procedure.

The op that followed was the same at no point was I worried even with the hammering in the bone as you had explained that to me. I hate injections but even they never gave me cause for concern. So I think you’ll see from this letter I am one very pleased and grateful lady. Thanks also to the dental nurse who like you made me feel at ease and that for me is a rare thing at the dentist. Thanks again

Yours sincerely

M. Brewer

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