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testimonials / G. Bode

There is a big difference in your appearance when you have good teeth. It gives you confidence in your social life and your smile tends to be bigger and more genuine. We had a big party recently, I was photographed for the newspaper and I certainly was not worried about the quality of my smile for the camera. The photographer took a lot of photographs of me, was it my smile?

The advice and description of the procedures was more useful than I expected initially. Each time an appointment was due I could look up what was happening next and remind myself of the tablets to ensure that I had and when to take them. I knew what to expect and though it was considerably easier than expected it was still useful.

I would recommend anyone to have a dental implant. It was a painless treatment and caused no problem after each procedure. There was no point where I couldn’t eat or my appearance was affected. It takes a long time from start to finish but was certainly worth while in the end result.

We decided to pay for this treatment after giving my daughter some money towards a car. It seemed very sensible to spend money on ourselves as well and compared to the cost of a holiday or changing the car it was a very cheap way of making a very real difference which does not depreciate or get forgotten.

I am very pleased to have had it done and certainly would have another one should I need it in the future.

Yours sincerely

G. Bode

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