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testimonials / V. Berry

Advice to others:
Think about why you are considering a dental implant and whether other ways of achieving a similar result will suit you better. Dental implants are expensive but a good investment if your other teeth are generally sound. Itís important to make a positive decision and to take time to do this. Donít be rushed and donít be afraid of the process. It is actually less invasive into your general life and not at all painful especially when compared to many other dental treatments. 

How has this treatment changed my life:
So far it hasnít and I regard that as positive

Recommending Mr Barwell:
Guy Barwell projects confidence, empathy and knowledge. He is very clear in setting out the options, steps in the process, what to look out for and so on. You can trust him to give a truthful, accurate assessment and you might be surprised when it is better than he says. He talks during the process so that you know what is happening. He treats his assistant in a positive collegiate way which also gives confidence even when you know she is learning new skills. As a team, they are excellent and very patient centred in a mature kind of way. 

The Fee:
It is difficult to know how much the total fee is AIS and how much is the dentist. However, Guy Barwell is very clear about his responsibilities and liabilities. I regard this as important as the fee itself and this gave me confidence. By the end of the process the total fee was within the sum agreed and I am therefore satisfied.

I understand that the implant is a subcontracted service and as such, the dentist retains overall control. From my point of view I would have preferred you to be in control of the whole process. Your own approach is excellent and I wish you much success.

Yours sincerely

V. Berry

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