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testimonials / M. Bugler

I first had implant surgery 8 years ago. I was very pleased with the result but unfortunately 3 years ago my 2 year old boy accidentally knocked me hard in the face while we were playing. The result of this was a rejected implant.

Going back to a denture reinforced the reasons as to why I wanted an implant originally.

The main reason was confidence. Eating a sticky bun or a baguette and my denture coming loose was always an embarrassing experience.

The treatment that I have received from Guy has been extremely professional, informative and with my interests considered at all times.

I required a bone graft to create a strong enough bone structure for the fitment of the implant. While this was initially painful after the anaesthetic wore off it quickly dissipated after a couple of days.

Guy was very careful to explain what he was doing at all times and certainly gave the impression that second best was not an option.

After care advice was given at each stage.

The combination of Guy and Steve working together at key stages, I am sure, enables a greater understanding and therefore better eventual implant result.

M. Bugler

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