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testimonials / D. Borley

To whom it may concern

Re: My Implant

Guy Barwell completed the work on my implant just over a year ago, since then I have been very happy with the result.

I would like to tell you about my treatment:

One of my upper teeth had been capped for many years: however the root eventually split and had to be removed. There were 4 solutions available to me,

  1. Do nothing and leave a gap
  2. Have a plate fitted
  3. Have a bridge fitted
  4. Have an implant fitted

I was not happy with the other solutions and decided to go for the implant, I have not regretted my decision, and would now always recommend an implant.

I feel confident now, cosmetically and when eating, I do not have to worry anymore about my crown falling out when eating out, on holiday, at work or any other embarrassing time.

Guy Barwell fully explained the treatment and I was surprised how painless it was. I had obtained a quote from my previous dentist for an implant; it was much more expensive than the treatment I obtained from Guy.

It was the most expensive solution from the four options above, but I feel it was the best solution and may well prove to be cheaper in the long term

Yours faithfully

D. Borley

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